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    Corporate Workshops

    “An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage” – Jack Welch

    What is missing in your organisation?
    How could you motivate your Team?
    What skills would you like to develop?

    Working closely with you and your team we develop and deliver highly tailored workshops and presentations to build new skills, develop existing skills, inspire and motivate. For powerful and far-reaching results, we combine coaching, NLP, Personality Profiling and Team Challenges to engage every team member, improve communications and team cohesion.

    Our presenters and facilitators are experienced coaches, round the world sailing race skippers, adventure sport experts and team building specialists. Recent presentations include “Teamwork in a Hurricane” and “Understanding Hot Buttons & Hooks”. Examples of workshop topics include:

    Effective Time Management (for details see below)
    360° Communication (for details see below)
    Building Your Career
    Making Change Work
    Adaptive Leadership
    Conflict Management Techniques

    All workshop participants will:

    – understand the theory and latest research
    – analyse their current skill level and gaps
    – increase their impact awareness
    – set specific goals to develop their skills
    – learn how to overcome common obstacles
    – acquire multiple effective tools and techniques
    – construct an action plan for developing the required skills

    Recent workshops:

    360° Communication Workshop. Successful teams are built on solid communications. Understanding each other roles, sharing information and ideas, managing expectations and constructively resolving conflict helps to build effective working relationships and trust, ultimately raising productivity and project delivery. Full day programme:

    – Benefits of effective communication – up, down and sideways
    – When to communicate, how and to whom
    – Identifying and making the most of individual communication preferences using DISC Profiling
    – Key elements of effective verbal and written communications
    – Building strong rapport and working connections
    – Managing expectations of colleagues, customers and public
    – Avoiding and managing miscommunications
    – Communicating through work conflict
    – Communicating in a crisis, managing emotions and choosing appropriate response
    – Providing and receiving feedback

    Effective Time Management. The ever-increasing demands on our time and attention cut productivity. Establishing effective time management techniques for individuals and teams ensures that the important tasks get done on time. Full day programme:

    – Distinguishing between busyness and productivity
    – Setting SMART goals
    – Prioritising tools and protecting your focus
    – Appropriate delegation
    – Streamlining and managing distractions
    – Effective methods for scheduling and review
    – Running productive meetings
    – Time and project management in a crisis
    – Sharing information effectively and in good time
    – Importance of staying flexible and adapting to change

    For more information or to arrange a workshop, please contact Natalia.

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    Corporate Workshops
    Sailing & Coaching Team Events
    Empowering Life Skills Workshops

    The mind is like a parachute – it only works if it is open

    – Frank Zappa
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    Inspiring Team Building Events

    “An organisation, no matter how well designed, is only as good as the people who live and work in it” – Dee Hock

    Two years ago, I completed around the world sailing race and experienced first hand the personal performance, leadership and team development benefits of sailing. 

    To bring these benefits to teams and businesses, I have formed a team of world-class skippers, adventure sports specialists and survival experts to provide powerful, far-reaching and inspiring Team Building Events, both for landlubbers and sea-goers. For greatest impact, we combine tailored skills workshops (such as communicating in a crisis) and team preferences profiling (such as DISC and Jung Typology Profiles) with inspiring team building activities/challenges, which bring to life team insights and apply theoretical learning to real situations.

    Each Event is designed for your team and tailored to your business requirements.  Here are examples of Team Building Events that we run:

    > Sailing & Coaching Team Building Day (on water):


    We start with a presentation on team communication skills, including individual DISC profiling.

    After the safety briefing, we join our yacht and begin sailing. During the morning sail, your team practises effective communication and teamwork skills. During lunch, we review the techniques learned. In the afternoon, we look at adaptive leadership and develop team emergency responses, or have a friendly sailing race between two yachts.

    Throughout the day, team members develop trust, rapport and interpersonal skills, while fully engaging to achieve the set team tasks. The day ends with tea & cakes presentation reviewing the skills learned and identifying how they can be applied within their work and organisation.

    > New Forest Team Adventure – 2 Days (on land and in tree canopies):

    Image 25-01-2016 at 15.57On Day 1, we gather at our beautiful New Forest site for welcome lunch and warm-up team problem solving challenge. In the afternoon, we conduct individual DISC profiles and discuss communication preferences, increasing understanding of each other’s roles & challenges and hot buttons & hooks. There are team refreshments and more engaging team activities between the sessions to apply the insights.

    The team dinner is a team-cooked BBQ followed by drinks from the Wood
    land Bar around our huge campfire. 
    Your team sleeps in cozy shepherd huts with individual wood stoves.

    Image 25-01-2016 at 16.07On Day 2, after warming breakfast, we take your team on a woodland adventure across high ropes, building bridges, negotiating giant cobwebs, learning to throw axes, shooting with bow and arrow, climbing trees, and solving logical reasoning puzzles. The challenges build on the skills learn on Day 1 and develop communication, trust and teamwork. Everyone is included and rewarded. There are refreshments and tasty lunch during the day, which ends with a team review session, coffee, tea & cake.

    > Fire Fighting Team Building Day (on land):


    We start with presentation on teamwork skills and introduce the tools that we will cover during the day.

    After the safety briefing, we introduce the team to the fire simulator, when they have their first experience of dealing with an emergency. The team will cover diverse skills including: effective communication, strategic emergency response, decision-making, delegation, collaboration and adaptive leadership. During lunch, we review the skills learned and identify points for development. 

    In the afternoon fire simulator sessions, team members work together to practise the new techniques and develop their teamwork skills. The day ends with tea & cakes presentation reviewing the skills learned and identifying how they can be applied within their work and organisation.

    For more information and to arrange a Sailing & Coaching Team Event, please contact Natalia.

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    Corporate Workshops
    Sailing & Coaching Team Events
    Empowering Life Skills Workshops

    Natalia has a fantastic style, relaxed and thoughtful,
    whilst also challenging

    – Marcus Bonhomme, Salisbury
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    DISC Personality Profiling

    “Balance is the key to every team. It is impossible to win a football game with 11 goalkeepers or with a group of people with identical talents” – Sir Alex Ferguson

    Would you like to improve communications and cohesion within your team?
    How useful would it be to understand different leadership and teamwork styles?
    What would help you to build rapport more quickly?

    Our DISC Profile is a very powerful and accurate tool for measuring and understanding individual and team preferences. It is particularly useful for developing teams, understanding communication styles, strengthening leadership and progressing career development. We tailor the DISC profile to your specific aims and business requirements, and can explore multiple factors including:

    – communication style
    – goal setting and achievement
    – attitude to challenges
    – leadership style
    – teamwork style
    – motivating drivers
    – approach to change
    – decision making
    – organisational style

    The tailored questionnaire takes 20 minutes to complete. The resulting DISC Profile is composed of a combination of four styles (D, I, S and C). We explore the results in depth to help the participants understand their own and others’ preferences, and suggest techniques for adapting teamwork, communication and leadership styles to achieve your desired outcomes.

    D (Dominance) – Extroverted, task-focused, leads by directing, result and goal orientated, proactive decision maker, initiates change, big-picture thinker

    I (Influence) – Extroverted, people-focused, leads by motivating, inspiring & persuading, thrives on recognition

    S (Stability) – Introverted, people-focused, prefers to follow, supportive and sympathetic team player, avoids conflicts, values security and continuity

    C (Compliance) – Introverted, task-focused, focused on details, analysis and organisation, leads by enforcing rules and procedures, values quality and standards

    We highly recommend using DISC Profiling to strengthen career development, effective communications and conflict resolution. DISC Profiling is particularly powerful when combined with Corporate Workshops and Team Building Events, and to implement specific business growth strategies.

    For more information about DISC Personality Profiling please contact Natalia

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    Corporate Workshops
    Sailing & Coaching Team Events
    Empowering Life Skills Workshops

    I have a greater sense of empowerment and a stronger belief that change is possible

    – Claire Markham, London