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  • What is Coaching?

    In simple terms, we work together to help you progress from where you are now to where you want to be in any area of your life – in an effective, sustainable and enjoyable way.

    A collaborative, solution-focused and systematic process in which the coach facilitates the enhancement of work performance, life experience and personal growth

    – Anthony M Grant

    A highly-effective means of unlocking the potential of the individual in order to maximise their performance

    – Sir John Whitmore

    Benefits of Coaching
    Benefits of coaching for individuals and organisations are widely researched and documented. For individuals, key benefits include:

    • improved performance and goal attainment
    • stronger interpersonal skills
    • greater self-awareness
    • better focus and motivation
    • increased confidence, resilience and assertiveness

    And for organisations:

    • increased productivity and growth
    • enhanced employee engagement and flexibility
    • more effective leadership and teamwork
    • successful conflict resolution
    • reduced stress and illness-related absenteeism

    Is it like Training?
    Training teaches individuals to perform specific tasks in particular circumstances, while coaching helps individuals to learn for themselves how to perform in variety of different situations – developing their flexibility, resilience and self-motivation. Coaching with training has been shown to increase productivity by 66% more than training alone (Olivero, Bane and Kopelman, 1997).
    What is Multi-Faceted Coaching?
    Individuals and teams achieve more effective results through highly tailored and multi-faceted coaching solutions – combining as required one-to-one coaching sessions, team skills workshops, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), psychometric profiling (DISC or Jung Typology), positive psychology techniques and powerful team building events – underpinned by continuous support throughout the coaching period. For more information, please contact Natalia.
    Who is Coaching for?
    My most powerful work is with individuals, businesses and teams who seek positive change and who are committed to taking action towards achieving it. These along with openness to new approaches are the main prerequisites to coaching with me. To support my profession, I also offer coaching to trainee and newly qualified coaches at collegial rates.
    How does it work?
    My methods are open, transparent and systematic. Coaching is not magic, although the results it produces often feel magic! There have been many “Aha!” and “Wow!” moments for my clients during their coaching sessions, which produced powerful shifts in their thinking and propelled them towards their goals. I strive for the same success for my every client. 

    I have had many ‘light bulb’ moments as a result of Natalia’s coaching. Safe to say that without her I would not have progressed in some key areas of my life

    – Patrick Williams, Hertfordshire

  • Why Be Do Have?

    Be Do Have coaching model is simple and powerful. It has a long proven track record. We will use it to identify your priorities in different areas of your life, building a clear purposeful vision of what you want to achieve and determine the most effective way to get you there.

    Such clarity of direction, drive and purpose is just as vital for individuals as for teams and organisations.

    You have to BE before you can DO
    and DO before you can HAVE 

    – Zig Ziglar

    On a deeper level, Be Do Have is the key to making positive, long lasting and sustainable changes. You will get more powerful and permanent results by focusing on being as well as on doing and having. Why? Because it creates a fundamental shift in your identity (being), which triggers powerful changes in your behaviour (doing) and your environment (having).

    Having an expensive suit and assuming a dominant pose will take you some way to feeling confident in an important meeting, but it is your confidence skills, your internal attitude and your self-perception that will make the biggest difference. That is what we focus on in our coaching sessions.

    It is also the reason why coaching with me is not a quick-fix patch-up solution. We take the time to deal with the root of the issue and build a strong foundation from which you will be able to achieve your goals. Coaching is an investment in You.

    This philosophy is the backbone of the ARC Programme. We work on intensively boosting your assertiveness, rapport and confidence skills. These will have a huge impact on your entire life experience – from your personal relationships to your career to your leadership style.

    Download Be Do Have Goal Setting Tool

    I felt very stuck and I could not see a way forward – Natalia helped me move beyond this – she has expanded my thinking. I would thoroughly recommend Natalia

    – Marcus Bonhomme, Salisbury

  • Natalia Shoutova

    bulletChoice not chance determines your destiny – Aristotle

    Coaching has helped me to achieve incredible things in my life. For me, coaching is not solely a collection of powerful techniques, but also an attitude and a frame of mind that helps me to choose the most effective response to any situation.


    My passion for coaching dates back a long way – I was elected and trained as a Peer Supporter at school. Since then helping others to make positive empowering changes to their lives has been my calling.

    I believe that with the right support individuals and teams can achieve everything they believe is possible. My aim is provide that support and to help expand my clients’ perception of “possible”. 

    Building on my commercial experience of a successful career in corporate law at a Magic Circle law firm and a four-year directorship at a large cross-European trading firm, I qualified as a professional coach and founded Be Do Have Coaching. I specialise in personal performance, corporate and executive coaching. I am a qualified DISC Personality Profiler and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner.

    bulletLife is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving – Einstein

    A great coach 

    – Patrick Williams, Hertfordshire

  • Qualifications & Accreditations


    • Personal Performance Coaching Diploma (Distinction) – The Coaching Academy
    • Corporate and Executive Coaching Diploma (Distinction) – The Coaching Academy
    • Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner – The Coaching Academy
    • DISC Personality, Communication, Team & Career Development Profiler
    • Accredited by The Association for NLP and The Coaching Academy
    • BA English Law – Cambridge University (Trinity College)
    • BA French Law – Paris II University Pantheon-Assas
    • LPC – Oxford Institute of Legal Practice   

    Natalia has a unique talent to keep things under control, she helped me deal efficiently with all my tasks and goals, keeping me on track, maintaining my motivation and setting priorities. With Natalia’s support I moved forward with all my personal and professional goals quite significantly. Thank you

    Elena Starr, Munich